スカイシャード数 12
地上: -
地下: -
ダンジョン: 12


1. Lava flows where Ayleids walked. - In the Molavar Dungeon, south from Elinhir Wayshrine

2. In a lair of metal spiders. - In the Rkundzelft Dungeon, accessible via Spellscar Wayshrine

3. Among Yokuda’s dead. - In the Ruins of Kardala Dungeon, near Shada’s Tear Wayshrine 

4. Where sunlight penetrates Dwarven delves. - In the Rkhardahrk Dungeon, accessible via Seeker’s Archive Wayshrine

5. Where fishmongers sell no fish. - In the Haddock’s Market Dungeon, near Belkarth Wayshrine

6. Where chisled tunnels meet crystal caverns. - In the Chiselshriek Mine Dungeon, accessed by Mountain Overlook Wayshrine

7. A sea of dunes beneath the earth. - In the Buried Sands Dungeon, near Shada’s Tear Wayshrine

8. At the head of the class. - In the Balamath Dungeon, by Inazzur’s Hold Wayshrine

9. In the grotto of snake-women. - In the Zalgaz’s Den Dungeon, north from Seeker’s Archive Wayshrine.

10. Beyond the pillar of hunger. - In the Tombs of the Na-Totambu Dungeon, reached by Sandy Path Wayshrine

11. Howling at the moon. - In the Hircine’s Haunt Dungeon, by Seeker’s Archive Wayshrine

12. ???. - Mtharnaz dungeon, first large room.

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