ケナーシズルースト スカイシャード
スカイシャード数 6
地上: 6
地下: -
ダンジョン: -


1 Exposed to sky, surveying the strand. - Southwest of ケナーシズルーストス Wayshrine, near Eagle’s Strand point of interest, there is a ruined tower atop which the shard is. This is the starting camp for Aldmeri Dominion players. Zoomed in Map & In Game Screenshot

2 Southern temple's hidden jewel. - Accessed via the Temple of the Crescent Moons, look for a terrace on the southern section of the temple. (Simply walk around it to the back). Zoomed in Map & In Game Screenshot

3 Along an inlet through the moon. - West for the Temple of the Dark Moon, this shard is on an isolated island surrounded by palm trees near the wreckage you investigate during questing. Zoomed in Map & In Game Screenshot

4 Abandoned before mourning. - The the West of the Temple of the Mourning Springs, in the open field right before accessing it from its main entrance. Zoomed in Map & In Game Screenshot

5 Sighted by serpents in Mistral. - West from the Mistral Wayshrine, near Maormer Embassy’s Private Quarters. This location is only pointed to by a quest called “ The Perils of Diplomacy” - it's behind the embassy overlooking the water. Zoomed in Map & In Game Screenshot

6 Surly root-chewers burrow nearby. - North area of the map, travel West of Bolga’s Hunting Camp towards the area for the quest “ The Root of the Problem”. You'll find the shard near the entrance of a cave that you must enter to complete the quest. Zoomed in Map & In Game Screenshot



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