スカイシャード数 16
地上: ?
地下: ?
ダンジョン: ?

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No Achievement Location
1 East of the bastion of deceit Northwest of Hollow City Wayshrine
2 Discarded from the mages' walls South of Hollow City Wayshrine
3 Seek the deepest depravity Inside The Grotto of Depravity (solo dungeon)
4 Seek a shattered bridge suspended Southwest of Moonless Walk Wayshrine
5 Among the bones of Aba-Loria Inside Aba-Loria (solo dungeon)
6 Unfit for court Southeast of Court of Contempt Wayshrine
7 One of the hunters' many prides Inside The Cave of Trophies (solo dungeon)
8 Ejected from the village Northeast of Everfull Flagon Wayshrine
9 Behind disaster-claimed Dunmer hall Inside Village of the Lost
10 Enduring Forgefire's flames East of Everfull Flagon Wayshrine
11 Among the vessel's burnt cousins Southeast of Everfull Flagon Wayshrine
12 In the Chasm's western watchtower Inside Mal Sorra's Tomb (solo dungeon)
13 Entombed in the Orchard West of The Orchard Wayshrine
14 Not invited into the plotting wives' home By Manor of Revelry Wayshrine
15 Washed to strange shores with the fleet Northeast of The Orchard Wayshrine just outside behind the Coral Tower
16 Where endless cries issue forth Inside The Wailing Maw*

*Skyshard #16 in the Wailing Maw has moved in the latest patch. It is now in the second large room upstairs, in a pile of huge icicles and being guarded by a Frost Atronach. Refer to the map below.
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