シロディールはESOのエリアです. The Imperials stand alone in the Alliance War and are only playable by pre-order. Cyrodiil's core houses the Imperial City, which is set on a large Island. The central area of Tamriel has varied landscapes featuring farmland, forest and swamp as well as outlying mountains.
As the alliances war for control of Tamriel Molag Bal will use the Dark Anchors to attempt to send the world towards Coldharbour.

シロディール について

  • 同盟: なし
  • 前エリア: ??
  • 次エリア: ??
  • クエストレベル: ??
  • クエスト数: ??
  • 実績・トロフィー: ?


  • 錬金術試料: Depends on your Crafting level
  • 鍛冶原料: Depends on your Crafting level
  • 縫製原料: Depends on your Crafting level
  • ルーンストーン: Depends on your Crafting level
  • 木工原料: Depends on your Crafting level
  • 調理材料: Depends on your Crafting level




  • ??

  • ??

Dark Anchor.pngダークアンカー

  • n/a

Group Boss.pngグループボス

  • ??

  • ??

Group Dungeon.pngグループインスタンス

  • ??





See the Dark Brotherhood page for Guild Quests.

Quest Name Level Obtained Reward
Buried Evil 50 Bounty Board Anvil (Daily Repeatable)  
The Common Good   Bounty Board Anvil (Daily Repeatable)  
A Cordial Collaboration   Naryu Virian in Kvatch.  
Debts of War   Razum-Dar  
Honest Work   Raynor Vanos  
Looming Shadows   Bounty Board (Daily Repeatable)  
Pious Intervention   Crafty Lerisa in Kvatch  
A Profitable Venture   Captain Jimila in Anvil  
The Roar of the Crowds 50 Bounty Board Kvatch (Daily Repeatable)  
The Sweetroll Killer      
The Vampire's Prey   Mel Adrys  



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