バル・フォイエンはESOのエボンハート・パクト同盟のエリアです。A volcanic landscape inhabited by once-enslaved Argonians and home to Fort Zeren, built by the Dark Elves. This port area is rich on resources and will reward exploration. The area features questing for levels 3-5 and contains 3 skyshards and 2 achievements (Locales, Skyshards). Materials such as iron ore, raw maple and raw jute can be found here as well as reagents and runes

バル・フォイエン について


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Dark Anchor.pngダークアンカー

  • None

Group Boss.pngグループボス

  • None

Group Dungeon.pngグループインスタンス

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バル・フォイエン マップ




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Conversation with An-Meeus:

“A life cocooned in a building of stone? My scales itch with irritation. It makes no sense. Why spend so much time cutting, carving, hammering, and lifting when the effort is reclaimed by the swamp in the end? Why remove oneself from the soft mud, hiding from the blessings of sun and sweet soil? Better, we know, to use these gifts, for sun-hardened earth to shelter us, to stay moist and happy in simple dwellings. Swift to build and rebuild, warm and damp inside, no more is needed.”

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