Monster Helms Sets can be acquired by running Veteran Dungeons and completing daily Veteran Undaunted Pledges. Each Helm drops from the corresponding boss of each dungeon and has a maximum チャンピオン level of champion-level-eso-monster-sets160. The shoulders can be awarded in Daily Pledge Chests, which can be acquired by doing Daily Pledges. These scale to your チャンピオン level to a max of champion-level-eso-monster-sets160. Please see the individual pages to see where each piece drops.

Thanks to the recent patch you can now get monster helms from buying them with gold or alliance points. You can only buy them every Saturday and Sunday from a person called The Golden in Cyrodiil.

Note: All Monster Helm sets are random in both their armor type (Light/Medium/Heavy) as well as their trait (Reinforced, Infused, Divines, etc…). In order to get the “perfect” set, players will need to put a lot of time into farming and hope for a bit of luck on their pledge chest rolls.

名称 ・ ピース レベル ボーナス

Blood Spawn

Bloodspawn Helm.pngBloodspawn Shoulders.png
チャンピオン 10-160

(1 アイテム) + 129 スタミナ再生

(2 アイテム) 6% chance when hit to gain 6450 Armor and Spell Resist for 6.0 seconds and restore 15 Ultimate.

Engine Guardian

Engine Guardian Helm.pngEngine Guardian Shoulders.png
チャンピオン 10-160

(1 アイテム) + 129 体力再生

(2 アイテム) 10% chance on ability use to summon a dwemer automation to restore 1162 Health, Stamina, or Magicka every 0.5 seconds for 6.5 seconds.

Lord Warden

チャンピオン 10-160

(1 アイテム) + 1935 呪文耐性

(2 アイテム) 6% chance when hit to summon a shadow orb that + 3870 呪文耐性 to nearby allies for 10 seconds.

Maw of the Infernal

Maw of the Infernal Helm.pngMaw of the Infernal Shoulders.png
チャンピオン 10-160

(1 アイテム) + 1064 最大体力

(2 アイテム) 5% chance on light or heavy attack to summon a fire breathing daedroth for 15.0 seconds. Basic attack deals 3067 Physical Damage.

Molag Kena

チャンピオン 10-160

(1 アイテム) + 129 武器と呪文ダメージ

(2 アイテム) Causing damage with 2 consecutive light attacks triggers Overkill, which increases the cost of all abilities by 33% and increases your Spell Damage and Weapon Damage by 516 for 6 seconds.


Nerien'eth Helm.pngNerien'eth Shoulders.png
チャンピオン 10-160

(1 アイテム) + 1064 最大体力

(2 アイテム) 10% chance when causing damage to create a Lich crystal that explodes after 3 seconds, dealing 7408 Magic Damage.


Nightflame Helm.pngNightflame Shoulders.png
チャンピオン 10-160

(1 アイテム) + 1064 最大体力

(2 アイテム) 2% chance when healing an ally to create a totem for 10.0 seconds. Totem heals allies in area for 1120 every 1.0 second. This effect has a cooldown of 6.seconds.

Scourge Harverster

Scourge Harverster Helm.pngScourge Harverster Shoulders.png
チャンピオン 10-160

(1 アイテム) + 1064 最大体力

(2 アイテム) 6% chance when hit to create a beam that steals 5652 Health from target. Beam breaks from targets greater than 10 meters away. While beam holds gain 30.0% increased healing from all sources.

Spawn of Mephala

Spawn of Mephala Helm.pngSpawn of Mephala Shoulders.png
チャンピオン 10-160

(1 アイテム) + 1064 最大体力

(2 アイテム) Fully charged heavy attacks have a 100% chance to create a web for 10 seconds. Web deals 1130 Magic Damage every 1.0 second and reduces Movement Speed by 50%.

Valkyn Skoria

Valkyn Skoria Helm.pngValkyn Skoria Shoulders.png
チャンピオン 10-160

(1 アイテム) + 1064 最大体力

(2 アイテム) 4% chance when damaging an enemy with a damage over time effect to call a meteor dealing 5805 Flame Damage to target and 3076 Flame Damage to other nearby enemies.

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