• スピード: 騎乗動物の速度。敵対プレーに有効。
  • スタミナ: 騎乗動物のダッシュとダメージ耐性。ダメージを受けてもディスマウントされないので、敵対プレーにとっても有効。
  • 運搬能力: 騎乗動物にものを持たせ、自分のバッグスロットが増える。PVE・クラフトに有効




Banded Guar Charger

A breed of guar bred for cavalry use, able to carry an armored warrior into battle.

1,300 eso-crowns-mount

Cave Bear Mount

Found throughout Tamriel's northern mountains, the Cave Bear makes a hardy and imposing mount.

1,800 eso-crowns-mount

Hammerfell Camel

This is the stoic, hard-working beast that riders in the wastes of Hammerfell count on to survive. And if things come to a fight, it's just plain mean.

1,800 eso-crowns-mount

Highland Wolf Mount

The brown Highland Wolf is common in the Colovian hills and in Cyrodiil's Great Forest, where wild packs are feared by farmers and shepherds. But foresters have domesticated the beasts and, bred for size, use them as mounts.

1,800 eso-crowns-mount

Pride-King Lion

The Pride-King Lions are the top predators on the savannahs of northern Elsweyr. No one but the Khajiiti, with their feline intuitions, could have persuaded these proud beasts to serve as mounts.

1,800 eso-crowns-mount

Tessellated Guar

A sturdy, multi-purpose guar, at home anywhere from swamps to the ashlands

1,300 eso-crowns-mount

Piebald Destrier

Staunch and vigorous, this patterned war-horse is known for its courage and tenacity.

900 eso-crowns-mount

White Mane Horse

A rare, highly sought cross between a midnight steed and a Skyrim ice-horse.

900 eso-crowns-mount


Nightmare Courser

The origin of this horrific mount is obscure, but some see the hand of Mehrunes Dagon in it.

2,500 eso-crowns-mount


Mount Name &
Default Appearance
Speed Stamina Carrying Capacity Cost

Common Horse.pngCommon Horse

Brown Color
15% 10 0 17,200 Gold.png

Draft Horse.pngDraft Horse

Brown & White (Pinto)
15% 10 10 42,700Gold.png

Gaited Horse.pngGaited Horse

15% 20 0 42,700Gold.png

Light horse.pngLight Horse

Light Brown / Bay
25% 10 0 42,700 Gold.png
Special Mounts  

Imperial Horse.pngImperial Horse

15% 10 0 1 Gold.png (Only From Collector's Edition)

Palomino Horse.pngPalomino Horse

15% 10 0 $14.99 / €11.99 (Real money only!)




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